1.  Every spot is 3.20 meters wide and 6 meters long. Everything you bring along had to fit in that spot. Also your car. If it does not fit you are not able to compete
  2. During the day one person has to be at your spot to prefent fires
  3. No digging at the site and no fires directly on the ground. You will be held accounted for any damage.
  4. Every team is resposible for their spot to keep it clean and in tact.


  1. When a judge gives a low score he/she is incurraged to fill out a comment card. This will be added to the scorecard without reference to the judge
  2. The judges verdict is final. No discussion possible.
  3. Turn in time is 15:00 hours. you have a margin of 5 minutes before and after. The clock on the turn in table is leadin
  4. You turn in food for 4 judges in boxes provided by the organization.


  1. The entry fee for the competition is €40,- per team. The registration is final when the payment is received on bankaccount: NL36ABNA0443626502 tav Snijder in Arnhem and the registration form also. ( with the exception of rule 20)
  2. No gas of electric heat sources can be used.
  3. The ingredient provided by the organization must be used in whole. You can add but not remove.
  4. The team is responsible for the rest of the ingredients and for a tent/table/chairs….
  5. All must be prepped at the site. No cooking at home!
  6. There is no minimum age for the contestants but an adult most be there
  7. Teams must work by the hygiene code at all time
  8. The main ingredient is distributed at 10:00 hours and turn in time is 15:00 hours.
  9. All pictures made by the organization are free to use in any commercial usage
  10. When a team cancelled their registration after closing of the registration period , the fee is only paid back in case of a replacement team.
  11. No camping on the competition site.
  12. When we don’t have enough teams , the organization can cancel the event and the entry fee is paid back to the teams
  13. The 3 best teams will be rewarded!
  14. In case of any missing rules the organization will make one up!