Tailgate, whats a tailgate?

A Tailgate Party is a fenomenon in the USA.
Most of the time is a small event before a sports match or a concert.

A group of friends or supporters team up to cook some food on a bbq out of the trunk of the car. ( the Tailgate) Mostly simple and easy to prepare recepices are used.

With this in mind we organize the first Tailgate-Challenge on 4 th April 20120
A small group with nice food and a lot of fun.
We will make a parkinglot with plots of 3.20 meter  wide and  6 meter long. Everything you bring allong has to fit in that space. Also your car!

This will take place at Vuur en Rook on Goorsteeg 3 in Lunteren.
The main ingredient is suplied by the organization. ( fish or meat)
Entry fee  €40.- per team
Start to build up your spot:  8.00 hours, 10.00 hours we give out the main ingredient. Turn in time is 15.00 hours. We think the award ceremony is around 16:30 hours

This time its not possible to spend the night at the compitition side but you can check out:

Registration starts at 22 december 2019 And closes on 10 th of march 2020

The assigment for this edition will be reveilled then to.